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Web interface access
By default, only 500 characters are shown. "Full" access displays the entire text of student writing in the online interface.
Additional web access request
Export excerpted search results from the interface to a spreadsheet (similar to concordance line output).
Note: Please ensure that you provide justification for export access in your project description, below.
Corpus download access
Download a subset of the texts available in the online corpus. This option is intended for users who would like to use the corpus for their own research, particularly if they would like to annotate the corpus, use concordancing software (e.g., Antconc or LancsBox), or create their own programs to analyze the data. The offline corpus has been curated by the Crow team to ensure a representative sample from the first year writing context. Note: additional training and verification is required.
Please provide a description (minimum 100 characters) of the research or pedagogical project that you plan to use Crow for (e.g., examining hedges in Chinese argumentative essays; exploring assignments to create a new assignment sheet for my first year writing class).
  • If you are a student, please write that in your description.
  • If you want to use Crow in a course (as either a student or instructor), please describe the course, including the number of students.
  • If you would like full text or export access, please provide justification for that level of access in your description.

Expected date of project completion

Access will expire on the date above unless you request an extension.
Take a moment to read the Crow user agreement.
Instructors may download limited texts (no more than 10 per assignment) for pedagogical purposes (non-commercial). Researchers interested having full text access to the corpus for off-line use should check "Download entire corpus for offline research" above. Please note additional training and verification will be required.
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